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Great Lent Quick Links: Great Lent I Lenten Worship I On Fasting I On Confession

Scroll Down for Special Video by Fr. Zacharias:

Preparing for Great Lent in the Spirit of St. Silouan and Elder Sophrony


The Pre Lenten Period . . .

The Expulsion from Eden
The Expulsion from Eden
The Expulsion from Eden

Special Articles from Fr. Steven:

Dear Parish Faithful,

As we “gird our loins” for the lenten struggle, I will periodically send out some reminders about the various types of practices that we embrace on a  more intense level during this season.  There are three such articles attached to this letter, dealing respectively with prayer, almsgiving and fasting. Please read them carefully at your convenience.

In Christ,
Fr. Steven

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Additional Resources

The Pre-Lenten Sundays

Special pages for each of the Pre-Lenten Sundays, rich with inspiring exhortations on the major themes on our road to Great Lent.

These bullet points barely scratch the surface of the depths of insights our Orthodox Faith offers us for this profound season of repentance. Spend some time here as we journey towards the 'bright sadness' of Great Lent.

Fr. Steven's Meditations

Beginning with the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee, Fr Steven has been sharing frequent, brief excerpts from the teachings of the Fathers, as well as short articles by modern writers, to stir us to deeper personal examination, more full understanding, and true repentance. These small, daily doses are great helps as we approach Great Lent.

This special page on our website hosts numerous articles free for download and links to additional sites of interest to help make our lenten effort more fruitful.

This unique Christ the Savior blog of suggested books, recordings, videos, and much, much more, provides helpful tools for us as we seek to acquire the Lenten spirit of joyful contrition and prayerful stillness.

A large selection of rich articles on the pre-lenten Sundays, featuring teachings of St Gregory Palamas, St Cyril of Alexandria, the Desert fathers, and many others.  Continuously updated throughout the Pre-Lenten and Lenten season.

and other introductory articles on Great Lent, on the OCA website.

Fr Zacharias on Preparing for Great Lent


This wonderful talk is the perfect way to begin our Lenten Journey, and is so rich and profitable that you may wish to revisit it often. Fr Zacharias discusses the spiritual lessons of the pre-Lenten Sundays, leading us into the journey to Pascha.


Fr Zacharias is from St John the Baptist Monastery in Essex, England, and is the disciple of Elder Sophrony of Blessed Memory, who was himself the disciple and biographer of St Silouan the Athonite.


His books presenting the spirituality of St Silouan and Elder Sophrony are deeply inspiring and instructional.

 Books by Fr Zacharias: