Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff
4285 Ashland Ave, Cincinnati OH 45212 - (513) 351-0907

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Parish News and Feature Articles

PARISH NEWS - If you would like to receive updates on parish life at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit, please contact Fr. Steven and request to be added to his email list.



Youth Group Announcement - Teens 6th-12th grade are invited to the home of Presvytera Deborah and Fr. Steven on September 23 from 3:45 - 6:00 p.m. for discussion followed by pizza. Your teen will not want to miss it! More info here.


An Email invite was sent September 7.  Please RSVP by September 20!


If you are unable to attend and would like information from the meeting, please contact Jennifer Haynes. - Thank you, The Youth Ministry



The next Kairos Weekend (#20) is coming up soon. Team building will begin on Saturday, September 29, and there are opportunities to serve on inside teams for both men and women, as well as support roles for everyone.

Go to our KAIROS Prison Ministry Page for more info, and speak to Terry Morgan after Liturgy, or contact him directly.



Fr Steven's new book is available through the church office/bookstore, and online.

"For almost twenty years now, parishioners at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit in Cincinnati, and friends in Christ from places near and far, have been receiving from Father Steven his 'Monday Morning Meditations' via email, or have been visiting his Orthodox Christian Meditations Blog. Now at long last a selection of Father Steven's reflections have been published in book form by Kaloros Press!"

Learn more on this special page, and purchase at the church, or order online here.




Saturdays at 4:30pm, in the Parish Library, followed by Great Vespers at 6:00pm. We are reading Fr. Thomas Hopko's Orthodox Faith series

* NOTE! - Schedule subject to change! Watch for updates on our schedule and reading assignments. All are welcome. Makes a great 'refresher course' for all Orthodox faithful as well! Contact Fr Steven if you are interested, and to make sure you receive updates by email...



I begin teaching Monday, August 20, at Xavier University. My class - The Eastern Orthodox Church - meets from 1:00 - 1:50 p.m. on MWF. Visitors are welcome if you would ever like to take in a class.



From Fr. Steven:

Our short stay at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery is over as we have returned home. It was a wonderful visit for all thirteen of us: Presvytera Deborah and granddaughter Nadia; the Fenners and the Frasches; Kathy Wynkoop with her two daughters; and Cynthia Hollister. Greetings from our former parishioner, Mother Paula. While there, we heard a short presentation by Mother Seraphima of her experience at an International Orthodox Music Symposium in MN. Perhaps I will address this in the future.

Looking to get away? Or for genuine peace and quiet?  "Get ye to a nunnery!" -  as someone once said.

To learn more about Orthodox Christian Monastcism, visit our special Monastic Matters page, and contact Fr Steven...


We are again supporting the Woven Oaks Initiative here in Norwood for 2018. Erin Lockridge addressed the parish recently during the post-Liturgy talk, and shared some of this year's programming with us. One of their dynamic programs is called 'Norwood Grows':

Norwood Grows hosts nearly 130 young people in programs like Garden Camp, Cooking Camp, Explorers Camp, and Girls’ Safe Space. These programs seek to educate, inspire, and empower the children and teens of Norwood, Ohio, using garden, culinary, art, and nature-based curriculum. Norwood Grows programs teach practical skills that can be applied in the life of our community and beyond. They encourage a sense of wonder and deep respect for the natural world and the way it sustains us; and they promote healthy relationships - with plants, animals, our bodies, our peers, and our community. 

Learn more and get connected at Norwood Grows and

The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church
Meaning, Preparation & Practice

by Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff

Third Edition, with a new Epilogue by the author...

Seekers, catechumens and Orthodox faithful alike will be blessed by this trustworthy and inspiring guide to the Divine Liturgy and the Life in Christ, composed by our beloved pastor, a faithful presbyter of the Orthodox Church in America.

Paperback, 64 pages, full color cover; $9.99 retail.

Full info here, plus special link to order with a 20% discount!

PARISH CALENDAR SYNC — NEVER MISS ANOTHER SERVICE OR EVENT! — This is a wonderful feature of our website, as once you sync our calendar to your iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or Mac, it will automatically update as we post our parish schedule on our pop-up calendar. Just use the provided sync buttons to enable. Our calendar is featured on our Home page and our Schedule page. Learn more here.

PARISH CORNER - A special collection of internal documents for members of Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit. Password protected.

ORTHODOX WORLD NEWS - Headline news from around the Orthodox world, plus daily podcasts on the saints and scriptures, updated via RSS Feed.


Sunday, Sept. 16 was our "Get Acquainted" and "Orientation" Day. The actual Church School curriculum begins Sunday, September 23.

New members? Late to register? No worries! Contact Fr. Steven, and we look forward to seeing you on Sundays!

From Fr Steven:

The Church School year of 2018-2019 will begin on Sunday, September 16. This year we will be studying selected New Testament books, the Feasts and the Sacraments. New parishioners with children ages 3-18 years of age should contact me to register for classes. In addition to our weekly classes there will be several service projects and a Saint Nicholas program on Dec 9th, 2018.

We will thus also begin our post-Liturgy discussions on Sunday, September 16. If you have a topic of interest that you would want me to address, please pass those on to me.



The North American Thebaid returns to Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit, as our own Ralph Sidway joins us this Sunday, September 23, for a special Post-Liturgy talk. Ralph will share about his extensive travels to visit and photograph over thirty Orthodox monasteries across our vast continent.

His project is nearing completion with the imminent publication of a large-format coffee-table photo book. Ralph will also provide a special display in the Parish Hall during our fellowship and refreshments, with a self-running digital slide show of some of his best images from the Thebaid Project, and will be available for Q&A on his odyssey to provide phtographic "glimpses" of the hidden, holy way of life in Orthodox monasticism.

For more info and to pre-order the book, you can visit Ralph's website at



Get acquainted with our new families through our Photo Gallery page, and be sure to introduce yourselves and get acquainted at coffee hour! Other recent photos include slide shows from Holy Week & Pascha, and much more...

August 30, 2018




Dear Parish Faithful

An important note concerning our food pantry and our need to replenish the shelves before we open again.

Fr. Steven

Dear Fr. Steven and all,

Below is a list of the items that are needed in the pantry currently. In August we had 13 people that stopped by the food pantry,  three of which being new. This in addition to the bags we prepare for deliveries by Erin/ Father.  Next month we will open on Sept 29.

The majority of these items are completely depleted. Our parish has been extremely generous month after month, and we are grateful for everyone's contribution. 

It appears that during the summer months, as more people are perhaps traveling, contributions are not keeping up with demand. As such, the past few months we have gone and purchased the needed items ourselves. If it were easier for those who want to contribute to this ministry to give money instead of goods, we can work with that. 

-Oatmeal small packs
-Fruit cups and cans
-Vegetables, peas, green beans, carrots, mixed (we have enough corn)
-Beans- baked beans or canned beans
-Canned meats- tuna and chicken
-Snacks- granola
-Soup cans
-Boxed meals
-Pasta sauce
-Peanut butter
-Tooth paste
-Coffee and tea
-Shaving cream

Thank you, 


Please visit our Food Pantry Ministry page for more info on this ministry...



A Special Resource of the Midwest Diocese of the OCA

Dear Parish Faithful — Our Midwest Diocese has developed a Family Life website that His Grace, Bishop Paul is encouraging that our parish families turn to for helpful resources in raising our families in today's world.  —  Fr. Steven



Dear Parish Faithful,
I just discovered this wonderful YouTube video featuring our parish iconographer, Fr. Andrew Tregubov, explaining the traditional method and theory behind icon painting. Quite fascinating. It is relatively short and very nicely produced. Please take the time to watch this. I invited Fr. Andrew to the parish many times, but he always had to decline because of his responsibilities in caring for his parents and in-laws. His wife, Galina, hand stitched our burial shroud that we venerate during Holy Week.
With Fr. Andrew as our iconographer, our parish is blessed with some of the best iconography being created today in North America. 
Fr. Steven


SUBMIT PRAYER REQUESTS ONLINE - Our Ministries Page now has an easy to use Prayer Request Form, so you may place your prayer requests straight from our website. You can also use the form to have your email address added to our Prayer Chain.



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