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Orthodox Christian Meditations for Thanksgiving


Meditations for Thanksgiving

The gathering of this selection of very special reflections was inspired by the final homily of Fr Alexander Schmemann.
From the introduction to this joyous sermon:

Father Alexander Schmemann celebrated the divine liturgy for the last time on Thanksgiving Day. This was particularly appropriate since Father Alexander had devoted his whole life to teaching, writing and preaching about the Eucharist; for the word eucharist in Greek means "thanksgiving." At the conclusion of the liturgy, Father Alexander took from his pocket a short written sermon, in the form of a prayer, which he proceeded to read. This was a strange occurrence since Father never wrote his liturgical homilies, but delivered them extemporaneously. These were his words, which proved to be the last ever spoken by him from the ambo in Church...


Read the homily...


To learn more abour Fr Alexander Schmemann, watch the below video:

Classic Meditations and more, for Thanksgiving and All Year Long

 Two of Fr. Steven's Thanksgiving Meditations

Capable of Thanksgiving

'Eucharistic Beings' or consumers? ~ Restoring a proper balance to Thanksgiving

plus this special selection compiled by Fr Steven,

Prayers for Thanksgiving


Fr. Alexander Schmemann's Thanksgiving Homily


Available in HTML format to read in your browser, or PDF to download and save.



St. Paisios of Mt. Athos

The Cure for Grumbling is Doxology


Grumbling is caused by misery and it can be put aside by doxology (giving praise). Grumbling begets grumbling and doxology begets doxology. When someone doesn’t grumble over a problem troubling him, but rather praises God, then the devil gets frustrated and goes off to someone else who grumbles, in order to cause everything to go even worse for him. You see, the more one grumbles, the more one falls into ruin. Sometimes the devil deceives us and makes us unable to be pleased with anything; however, one can celebrate all things in a spiritual manner, with doxology, and secure God’s constant blessing.


- Elder Paisios of Mount Athos Spiritual Councils IV: Family Life

Fr. Roman Braga's Life & Teaching

Learn about Fr. Roman Braga's "Spirituality of Joy," distilled from his experience in the communist prisons of Romania,

plus links to videos, articles, and his writings,

as well as his teaching on "The Inner Universe" and the Prayer of the Heart...

...all on our special page honoring this beloved holy elder who reposed in 2015.


Two "Pearls" from Fr. Thomas Hopko


How Can I Know God?

55 Maxims

Also this recording,

Listen to Fr. Tom's Podcast discussing the 55 Maxims

16 Quotes Of The Holy Fathers Concerning Thanksgiving


“Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
— St. Paul, Philippians 4:6 (RSV)
"You should continually and unceasingly call to mind all the blessings which God in His love has bestowed on you in the past, and still bestows for the salvation of your soul. You must not let forgetfulness of evil or laziness make you grow unmindful of these many and great blessings, and so pass the rest of your life uselessly and ungratefully."
— St. Mark the Ascetic, Letter to Nicolas the Solitary, The Philokalia Vol. 1
“The truly intelligent man pursues one sole objective: to obey and conform to the God of all. With this single aim in view, he disciplines his soul, and whatever he may encounter in the course of his life, he gives thanks to God for the compass and depth of His providential ordering of all things."
— St. Anthony the Great, The Philokalia

Much more in the full collection here...

New for 2020 - 'In Everything Giving Thanks' Journal


In Everything Giving Thanks: Building a Habit of Gratitude

Published by Holy Assumption Monastery in Calistoga, California, this 6-month gratitude journal helps you cultivate a spirit of thankfulness to and reliance on the Lord.


From the publisher's description:

Practice daily gratitude with this 6-month Gratitude Journal. Diary prompts encourage thanking God for everything - from the big blessings that warm our hearts to the challenges that help us grow into the likeness of Christ. Use the lists to remember things to be thankful for as part of daily devotions, quiet reflection, or small group/family activity. Gratitude opens the eyes and heart.


Order from Holy Assumption Monastery

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See also the Monastery's newest book release:

Light My Way: 6-Month Bible-Study Journal

by Mother Melania

Bible journaling made simple! Are you following a Read-the-Bible plan and wanting to make the most of it? Then this journal is for you. It provides basic questions to ask yourself on the meaning of that day's passage(s) and how these verses apply to your life.


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The beloved Akathist, Glory to God for All Things

Akathist of Thanksgiving on CD

beautifully sung by St Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Mission, Madison, Wisconsin.

Though little is known for certain about this hymn, the text is said to have been written around 1942 by the Archpriest Gregory Petroff, one of the Christian hieromartyrs (priest martyr), while suffering before his execution in a Soviet prison camp. An estimated 45 million people or more were slain under Bolshevism and Communism, and it is in honor of the continued and living faith of these Christian martyrs that this service gives praise. The service is sung in English. The liner notes include the entire text of the Akathist of Thanksgiving.

St. Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Christian Mission in Madison, Wisconsin, has long had a special fondness for this service. We are pleased to share with your their beautiful offering of this Akathist Service in English, hoping that others will receive as great a blessing from hearing this poignant service as they do when they pray it.

This CD also includes the hymn "O, Pure Virgin" by St. Nektarios of Aegina.

Total Recording Time: 64:42:00
Price: $17.00
CD available through
Read the Akathist online through the HTML version, or download, save and print the PDF version:



The Akathist to Thanksgiving, 'Glory to God for All Things', is included in the new St Tikhon's Orthodox Christian Prayers, which has a number of special services and prayers in addition to Morning and Evening Prayers, and Prayers in Preparation for Holy Communion.


Reg. Price, $22, from St Tikhon's Monastery Press