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Project Mexico Mission Trip & Video honors memory of Archbishop Job

2011 Project Mexico Mission Team (Click to view video in new tab.)
2011 Project Mexico Mission Team (Click to view video in new tab.)
Nov 16, 2011


Dear Parish Faithful,

Here is an article and a video of the recent Mission Trip to Project Mexico by a large number of Orthodox Christians, primarily of young people and primarily from our Midwest Diocese.  The trip was organized in honor of the late Archbishop Job of blessed memory.  One of the members of that team was our own Anastacia Taylor.  I hope she appears in the video!  We have a copy in the church also, if anyone would like to borrow it.

- Fr Steven

New video recounts 2011 mission trip to Project Mexico in memory of Archbishop Job

CHICAGO, IL [MW Diocese Communications] — A video recounting the experiences of the 150-plus individuals who participated in the mission trip to Project Mexico's Saint Innocent Orphanage July 12-18, 2011 is now available for viewing and downloading at

His Grace, Bishop Matthias of Chicago and the Midwest, led the volunteers in building seven homes in memory of His Eminence, the late Archbishop Job, as earlier reported on the OCA web site. The video features interviews with a number of trip volunteers and footage of their labors.

"Funded by the Diocese of the Midwest, this heartwarming video about how Archbishop Job's flock felt about their archpastor and his love for his diocese are reflected in the interviews of the volunteers featured on the video," said Matushka Ruth Yavornitzky of Rochester, MI, who organized the trip. "The video project, like the building of the seven homes, was nothing less than a 'labor of love' for all involved."

In addition to members of the Diocese of the Midwest, volunteers participated from New York, California, Florida, and Kentucky.

Anastacia Taylor and the Project Mexico Mission Team

Updated August 14, 2011
Project Mexico Fund-raising Meal — to support the appeal for donations from the Diocese for Project Mexico.  The July 2011 Project Mexico team included one of our teens – Anastacia Taylor. 

We raised “around” $600.00 for Project Mexico at our fund-raising meal.  In addition, another $400.00 will be added from previously collected but undistributed funds that were raised at our St. Nicholas Day Dinner last December.  That will allow us to make a generous donation to Project Mexico of around $1,000.00.  Thank you for your support.