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Feasts and Fasts of the Orthodox Church

Meeting of the Lord in the Temple ~ Feb 2
Meeting of the Lord in the Temple ~ Feb 2
The Holy Orthodox Church of Christ is living and vital. The breath of the Holy Spirit blows through the Church, through her faithful children, the Divine Services, her daily morning and evening prayers, her iconography, through every facet of her worship and praxis. Just as the cycle of daily life sees us through the days, weeks, months and years, so the Church leads us through the liturgical seasons with an edifying cycle of fasts and feasts to help us grow into the fullness of faith in Christ Jesus.

And that Faith is living and active—we do not merely celebrate or commemorate the feasts of Christ, His Most Pure Mother, the Apostles and the Saints. Rather, we mystically enter into the timeless, eternal Day of the Lord in which all these saving events are continually present...

We hope with this section to provide festal resources for the right-believing Orthodox faithful, and for sincere seekers and catechumens, to grow in our most holy faith by ever more deeply immersing ourselves in the Life of Christ and His Church.
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All Saints of North America

This popular section features writings by and about saints and righteous ones who have shown forth in North America. Featuring a new page for Matushka Olga of Alaska, who will be glorified and entered into the calendart of saints by the OCA in 2024, plus our Special Page on St John Maximovitch, and an extensive section commemorating the 50th anniversary of the glorification of our beloved Saint Herman of Alaska, which pulls together in one place dozens of videos, audio, books, icons, articles and a great deal more. 


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Great Saints of the Church

St Maria of Paris  (July 20)
St Maria of Paris (July 20)
We are pleased to provide a growing collection of writings by and about the Great Saints of the Church.
Be sure to visit our section on Today's Scripture, Saints and Prologue, updated daily. Other essential resources include the Online Prologue of Ochrid, and the Lives of the Saints section on the OCA website, where one can search the saints by name or date.
The Virgin Mary and the Saints, with Frederica Mathewes-Green

Orthodox Iconography of the Great Feasts