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Kairos Prison Ministry: Kairos Archive

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Kairos Weekend at Warren CI, April 28 - May 1

April 20, 2016


Fellow servants at Christ the Savior,

Kairos Prison Ministry International will be serving a weekend at Warren Correctional Institution on April 28 - May 1.  If you would like to help bring God's love to the men inside the walls, you can bake some cookies for them.  They can be chocolate chip, peanut butter, or whatever you consider a family favorite.  The cookies should be 2-3" in diameter and be packed in gallon freezer bags, 2 dozen per bag.  Do not put anything else in the bag, as notes, plates foil or waxed paper are all "contraband."  Bring the bags to the church hall on April 24, or contact Terry Morgan if you make a lot, and need them picked up.  And most important: pray over the cookies as you make them, that they will be tools of the Holy Spirit to touch prisoners' lives.

This Pascha, as you sing "and upon those in the tombs bestowing life," be assured that Christ is doing exactly that for 18 men "buried" in Warren C I.

Terry Morgan



Thank You Cards from Prisoners

The men whom God brought to recent Kairos Weekends at Warren Correctional Institute want to thank all those who prayed, baked, cooked, and served during those weekends.  They put their thanks on the attached greetings.  The art work was done by the men, themselves. Just click on the photos for the full-size versions.

Terry Morgan



Icons of Christ in Prison

Kairos 'Christ in Prison'
Kairos 'Christ in Prison'
Kairos 'Christ in Prison'

About the 'Christ in Prison' icon: 

It came to pass because some of us who were going to the prison each week commented that it was true that we meet Christ when we visit His brethren.  I had been talking to Fr. Ted in Dayton about his prison ministry, and he told me that one of his guys wrote icons.  I got in contact with the inmate, and he did this icon for us.  It is a very traditional image, except that Christ is wearing an Ohio prison uniform.  The icon was a blessing to several of us at the OCPM gathering in Denver, and the original went home with a man whose son is in prison.

Terry Morgan