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Join us for our Parish Reading Circle, beginning Monday, October 14

November 24, 2019








Parish Reading Circle 2019-2020

a special study of Dostoevsky’s greatest novel…


The Brothers


Four Monday evenings, over four months, beginning October 14, 2019


“The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible.

God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man.”



Dear Parish Faithful,


After multiple requests to revive our Parish Reading Circle and teach The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, we will at long last take on that reading project this Autumn. This will replace our usual Fall Adult Education Class. We will meet on a monthly basis for four months — October through January — allowing sufficient time to keep up with the reading.


We have a very large group already committed... I would highly recommend the translation by Larissa Volokhonsky and Richard Pevear, as that will make our discussion flow easier with a consistent translation and pagination.


We hope you can join us! And as a side note, you may want to begin reading right away - it is a long novel!


- Fr. Steven


Download and print our flier in PDF format...


Praise for the translation by Larissa Volokhonsky and Richard Pevear:

“[Dostoevsky is] at once the most literary and compulsively readable of novelists we continue to regard as great . . . The Brothers Karamazov stands as the culmination of his art--his last, longest, richest and most capacious book. [This] scrupulous rendition can only be welcomed. It returns to us a work we thought we knew, subtly altered and so made new again.” ―Donald Fanger, Washington Post Book World

“It may well be that Dostoevsky's [world], with all its resourceful energies of life and language, is only now--and through the medium of this translation--beginning to come home to the English-speaking reader.” ―John Bayley, The New York Review of Books

“Heartily recommended to any reader who wishes to come as close to Dostoevsky's Russian as it is possible.” ―Joseph Frank, Princeton University

“Far and away the best translation of Dostoevsky into English that I have seen . . . faithful . . . extremely readable . . . gripping.” ―Sidney Monas, University of Texas


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