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All Hands on Deck! Parish Cleanup Day scheduled for Sat. March 24

Originally sent to the parish on March 9, 2018


WHAT: Annual Church Cleanup to prepare for Holy Week & Pascha.

WHO: Opportunities for the Entire Family, all ages welcome!

WHEN: Saturday March 24, 8 am to Noon.

FUEL: Light refreshments will also available and we will need someone to set up and clean up the refreshments.



We are once again closing in on the Annual Church clean up and are in need of those who volunteer as individuals and as families to thoroughly clean the Church, Hall and grounds. Many hands make light work and numerous volunteers are needed in many areas on Saturday March 24 from 8 am to Noon. Light refreshments will also available and we will need someone to set up and clean up the refreshments. 


Please email mickeycallender100 at gmail dot com or leave a message on my cell [see parish directory] with the time and type of job you would be interested in assisting with on the clean up day.  



Altar Area – Select jobs based on familiarity within the Altar.


Dusting Walls, Vacuuming, Cleaning Pews and Window Sills in Church


• Dusting Walls - done with long poles that provides a great upper body work out.


• Window Sills – Dust and clean up and wax from candles with plastic scrapers.


• Entry - Vacuum rug and mop the tile. The outside of the wood doors should be washed with dish soap & water and finished with Murphy’s Oil Soap. 


• Pews – Great job for lightly supervised kids!! – We use Murphy’s Oil Soap, rags and rubber gloves in various sizes are available if needed by the kids. 


• Vacuuming – We have multiple vacuums!


Polishing Candle Stands – Polish, gloves, rags, paper towels, and polishing microfiber rags are available to use per your preference. This is big job and need multiple people working on the 6 stands. 


Bathrooms – Please do all 4 bathrooms and overstock with supplies for use by the expected crowds during Holy Week. If time permits please clean the stairwell to the Education Center.


Kitchen – Please focus on cleaning counters, sink and mopping the floor. If time permits clean any walls, window sills, and appliances as needed.  


Hall Stage – Please be sure to clean the window sills, sweep and mop the floor.


Hall Floor – This is a great job for a family with kids!!!

• Parents that use the high chairs – please clean all high chairs.

• Wipe down tables if necessary.

• Vacuum carpets and roll up to be unrolled after floor dries.

• Start on the side furthest from the bathrooms. Slide out all chairs from about ¼ of the tables. Dust mop and Swiffer the entire floor.    

• Do not forget the Hall entry!!


Church Grounds – Children MUST be supervised!

• Remove and trash from bushes and curbs.

• Sweep out the stairwells to ensure both drains are clear from debris.



Photos from previous parish cleanups

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