Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff
4285 Ashland Ave, Cincinnati OH 45212 - (513) 351-0907
2018 Lenten Retreat


with Special Guest Speaker, Krista West


Envisioning the Kingdom ~

the Why and How of Beauty in the Orthodox Church

Saturday, March 17, 9am - 4pm


Is beauty simply a trivial pursuit or could it be the means through which we envision the Kingdom of Heaven?


Join us as we welcome noted speaker, author, and ecclesiastical tailor Krista West, as she explores the Orthodox Christian approach to beauty and why beauty is such an important part of the Orthodox tradition. Opening with an explanation of the theological understanding of beauty within the Church, Krista will provide illuminating information on how beauty has been perceived and valued throughout the centuries and how it is very much a part of our calling as Orthodox Christians today, along with practical advice for bringing more beauty into our lives and our churches.


Full schedule and details, plus additional info on Kh. Krista West here.

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