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We offer here some outstanding Orthodox News Sources providing daily updates from around the Orthodox world. Some of these track the growth of the Orthodox Church, other stories report on persecution of Christians, yet others reflect on news items of interest in our rapidly shifting culture. The left-hand column hosts major Orthodox news outlets, with headlines and brief descriptions to top stories. The right-hand column offers three of the most edifying Orthodox podcasts available, reflecting on the Scriptures, and the Saints of the Day. All updated automatically via RSS feed!

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Sunday, 25 Feb 2018

Metropolitan Tikhon Addresses Tragic Florida Shootings in Letter to President...
3 hours ago

10 Things to Say When Your Child Says They Don’t Believe in God Anymore
4 hours ago

Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Lavrov Warns Against Involving Orthodox Churches in Political Games
24 Feb 2018 at 1:00am

Fasting for the Right Reasons
24 Feb 2018 at 12:00am

Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Metropolitan Hilarion, “To Eliminate ISIS on its Territory is not Enough”
23 Feb 2018 at 1:00am NEWS - English

Православие.Ru — Orthodox Christianity
0 minutes ago

Sunday, 25 Feb 2018

Restoration, Not Escape: Homily for the First Sunday of Lent in the Orthodox ...
1 hour ago

Friday, 23 Feb 2018

The Uncovering of the Relics of Patriarch Tikhon
23 Feb 2018 at 4:14pm

Main Ascension mosaic in dome of St. Sava’s Cathedral in Belgrade festively u...
23 Feb 2018 at 7:17am

First Orthodox abbess enthroned in Fiji
23 Feb 2018 at 6:39am

“We Thought He Would Never Die”
23 Feb 2018 at 1:28am

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Sunday, 25 Feb 2018

Feast of Mor Aphrem and Ordination of Readers and Subdeacons
1 hour ago

Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Sermon on the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy by Metropolitan Anthony (Kh...
4 hours ago

Prince Vladimir Galitzine reposes in the Lord
5 hours ago

Synodikon of Orthodoxy
5 hours ago

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk arrived in Belgrade
5 hours ago

The Path
The Path Podcast

Coffee Cup Commentaries
Coffee Cup Commentaries

Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Isaiah 11:10c
23 Feb 2018 at 1:01am

Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Isaiah 11:10b
22 Feb 2018 at 1:01am

Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

Isaiah 11:10a
21 Feb 2018 at 1:01am

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Isaiah 11:6-9b
20 Feb 2018 at 1:01am

Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Isaiah 11:6-9a
19 Feb 2018 at 1:01am