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Kairos Prison Ministry - How You Can Help


Dear Parish Faithful,

We ask your prayers for two upcoming Kairos Ministry Weekends:


  • Oct. 20-23, Chilicothe Correctional Weekend #5
  • Nov. 3-6, Warren Correctional, Weekend #16


An important note and request from Wayne Krueger:

"I will be volunteering in a Kairos Prison Ministry program at Chillicothe Correctional Institution beginning Thursday, October 20 and ending on Sunday, October 23.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for our team as we share  the good news of God's love and forgiveness for the prisoners with whom we will meet so they may experience God's presence and give them hope in their lives.  Thank you."

— Wayne Krueger

This note was attached to a clip board and sign up sheet located on the  candlestand table in the back of the church. The sign-up sheet is entitled "Prayer Vigil for Kairos #5."


We are being asked to sign up in a chosen time slot to then pray for this ministry and all involved - team leaders and prisoners.  Hopefully, we will offer a good, supportive response.  Wayne will be working with death row inmates. Hard to think anything much more difficult or challenging.

There is another sign-up sheet on the bookstore table in the Church hall, entitled "Kairos  #16 Prison Ministry Prayer Vigil Sign-up."  Terry Morgan will be there from Thursday, November 3 - Sunday, November 6.  He is also requesting parishioners to choose a time slot so as to pray for that ministry.  His note reads:

"Please pray for the 30 prisoners who are experiencing God's love On Kairos #16 inside Warren Correctional Institution.  Thank you for all your prayers.  God bless all."

— Terry Morgan


Fr. Steven


Handmade 'Thank You' Card from Kairos Prison Graduates
Handmade 'Thank You' Card from Kairos Prison Graduates
Handmade 'Thank You' Card from Kairos Prison Graduates



Other ways to serve the Kairos Prison Ministry:


From November 3-6, Andrew Herbst and Terry Morgan will be serving on a Kairos Prison Ministry team inside Warren Correctional Institution.  We are always astounded at the blessings we receive from carrying God’s love – Agape – into the harsh environment of prison.  And we do not want to be selfish! We would like to offer all of you the opportunity to share in this ministry. Even though you may not be able to physically go inside, you can still play a powerful part. Here are two ways to help:

#1 – You can bake cookies.  Home baked cookies are a powerful witness to men locked in prison that God’s people remember them.  If you want to help, simply bake up some of your favorite cookies, and when they are fully cooled, pack them 2 dozen per gallon freezer bag, and bring them to the church on Sunday, October 30.  You don’t even have to mix up the dough!  You can use pre-formed cookie dough from the supermarket.  The packages that make 24 cookies from one pack of dough are perfect.  You can also get larger packages of cookie dough at places like GFS.  We do have one special request: Please pray over the cookies as you are baking them.

#2 – Please pray for the 30 prisoners and the 37 team members.  Everything in Kairos is bathed in prayer!  We will have people around the world praying for us 24 hours of every day.  We will have a prayer vigil sign-up on the table in the hall (see above!), and you simply sign your name on any time slots you choose.  (Yes, you can take multiple slots, and if a time you want to pray is already taken, there will be a second copy underneath.) 


Online Prayer Vigil Signup — We are also set up for the tech savvy folks.  You can sign up on-line at . Click on the blue “Sign Up” button for the time(s) you choose, then provide your location and e-mail.  You will receive a reminder e-mail.

The on-line prayer vigil can help you help us in another way:  If you have relatives and friends in other parts of the country – or anywhere in the world – you can send them the link and let them also join in praying for God’s love to change lives inside the prison.

#3 — Meal Preparation.  In addition to these ways to serve, you can also help prepare meals during the weekend.  If you like to cook, let Terry Morgan know at

Please pray about what ministry the Lord may be calling you to.

Terry Morgan


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