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Christ the Savior Photo & Video Gallery

Fr Steven & Presvytera Deborah
Fr Steven & Presvytera Deborah
Fr Steven & Presvytera Deborah
Updated January 18, 2016


Welcome to our Photo and Video Page!

With the growing number of photos of events being provided by more and more parishioners, as well as occasional videos of interest to the parish, it seemed wise to host all these media on one Gallery. This is a modest start right now, but we have high hopes for the future!
This main Photo & Video Gallery covers feasts and events dating back a year or two. For more glimpses of parish life at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit visit our Archives!

We hope you enjoy this growing feature of our parish website!

May it be blessed!

* NOTE:  Events are added in reverse chronological order, most recent at top, oldest at bottom.

Theophany - The Great Blessing of Waters

Parish celebrates Christ's Baptism in the Jordan, and 'the Worship of the Trinity made manifest!' - 01/10/16

To use its full title, on the evening of January 5 we celebrated a Vesperal Divine Liturgy for THE THEOPHANY OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, a title that we usually summarize as "Theophany" (sometimes "Epiphany"). With just about sixty(!) worshippers in the church for the Feast, we can then truly say that our communal celebration was festal. Truly, an excellent beginning to the New Year.

The photos in this slide show are from the Great Blessing of Waters on the Sunday after Theophany...

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Welcome New Members!

January 18, 2016


Be sure to introduce yourselves

and get acquainted at coffee hour!


Scroll down to see more new member photos from 2015 and earlier!



Baptism of Sophia Boehne

Born of Water and the Spirit... - 12/13/15

Sophia Boehne, daughter of Jacob and Adalia, was baptized on Sunday, December 13 in the context of a Baptismal Liturgy. Erin Lockridge is her godmother/sponsor. A beautiful, peaceful Liturgy and Baptism was experienced, as you will see from these pictures!  'Many Years!' to the newly illumined Sophia, her parents Jacob & Adalia, big brother Elijah, and her sponsor Erin!

(41 images)

St Nicholas Day Celebration - Photo Gallery and Videos

Annual Church School Nativity Celebration and Charity Dinner delights parish, raises $750 for charity - 12/06/15

We had a wonderful day, Sunday, December 6, following the Liturgy, with our Nativity play and meal. We would like to thank our "Production Co-ordinator," Presvytera Deborah and all of her helpers - costume designers, musicians and singers, etc. -  for a finely-conceived and executed Nativity Play.  The Charity Dinner to follow brought in around $750.00, one of our highest totals ever.  Our high school students will determine how that charity money will be distributed.

Special thanks to Mike Fleisch for the photos and video, and to Nadya Gerasimchuk for the top two videos added Jan. 16 2016. (Scroll down for video!)


(27 images)

Videos from St Nicholas Day Celebration

Updated January 16, 2016



Includes visit by St Nicholas . . .

Special thanks to videographer, Nadya Gerasimchuk!

Athanasius Herbst Baptism

First-born son of Andrew and Suzanne Herbst is Baptized - 11/22/15

On Sunday morning, November 22, we celebrated a Baptismal Liturgy, baptizing Athanasius Herbst, son of Andrew and Suzanne Herbst.  The sponsor is Chuck Haynes. The experience of a Baptismal Liturgy is always a powerful one, reminding us of the ancient yet timeless practice of the Church from her earliest days, wherby believers were born anew "of water and the Spirit." Many Years!

(28 images)

Mother Paula visits Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit

October 25, 2015


Dear Parish Faithful,

The following is from Steve Korach, who took notes during Mother Paula's talk to the parish during the post-Liturgy discussion on October 25.  This could serve as an excellent summary of Mother Paula's talk for those who would want to retain the main points of her wonderful presentation; and a summary for those who were not in attendance.  The actual audio of Mother Paula's talk is below.

Fr. Steven


"On Living a Christ-Centered Life"

3 C’s: Christ, the Cross, God’s Commandments


(Adapted from the Teachings of Fr. Thomas Hopko)

1. Christ

Do we know who Christ is? We need to establish a relationship with Christ.
It’s done through Prayer. Pray as you can. Pray simply and pray always.
Make prayer a part of your priorities due to the many distractions of life.  
Prayer helps us to forgive.

2. The Cross

We belong to Christ. Deny ourselves and take up our Cross.
The Cross is our protection. You have a Cross from baptism.
Wear your Cross and use it to fight the passions.
Committing to Christ is not a one time event.

3. God’s Commandments

Love God and our neighbors. Give yourself to others.
Matthew 11:29-30: "Christ’s yoke is good." The soul is refreshed through Him.

(The actual Greek word usually translated as "easy" in v30 really means 'good', 'virtuous', or 'upright'.)
Do everything with repentance and humility.
Repentance is “getting back on target”.
We need to ask for help: from the Mother of God, from the Saints, and from God.

Mother Paula's message to the high school youth as they return to school:

Remain faithful; trust in God; stay close to Christ.
Be mindful of the 5 S’s: Scripture, Services, Sacraments, Saints and Suffering
A recent book that she recommends is 30 Steps to Heaven.
It is a practical interpretation of the Ladder of Divine Ascent.

The goal is the Kingdom of Heaven. The objective is purity of heart.

'Remaining Christ-Centered' ~ A Talk on the Christian Life

Suzanne Herbst Chrismation

Beginning the Service of Reception, Saturday Vespers, at the back of the Church...

Welcome Home, Suzanne! - 09/20/15

We received Suzanne Herbst into full communion of the Orthodox Church this past September, with the first part of the Service of Reception on Saturday the 19th following Great Vespers, and the Chrismation on Sunday morning during the Divine Liturgy. Suzanne's sponsor is Jennifer Haynes. Welcome home, Suzanne, and God grant you Many Years!

(10 images)

Beginning the Service of Reception, Saturday Vespers, at the back of the Church...
...Processing into the Nave after reciting the Creed.
The Sacrament of Repentance (Confession)
Chrismation during the Sunday Liturgy
God grant you Many Years, Suzanne!
Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God

Feast-Lovers gather to venerate the Falling Asleep of the Theotokos - 08/15/15

"One of my beloved professors from seminary always used to say that a sign of a spiritually strong parish is that parish's devotion to the Mother of God. For she is the personal image of the Church - warm, embracing, nurturing, protecting..."


~ Fr. Steven

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Joseph Foster Chrismation

Joseph Foster received into the Church by Chrismation - 07/12/15

Our dear brother Joe Foster has been a friend of Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit for some 25 years or so, and we rejoice at welcoming him into full communion! Joseph's sponsor is Steve Pride.  God grant you many years!!!

(9 images)

"The Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit..."
Parishioners greet Joe and Steve at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy...
Icon of the Old Testament Patriarch Joseph the All-Comely
Prosopon Iconography Workshop an Inspiring Experience

Prosopon Iconography Workshop at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit - 06/27/15

This week-long, immersive training in not only the techniques, but the theology, spirituality and anthropology of traditional Orthodox Christian iconology and iconography was a revelation for the participants, and a first for our parish. We are deeply humbled to have been able to host Master Iconographer Vladislav Andrejev and his Prosopon team, and hope to do so again! Full story here.

(15 images)

Amelia Davis Baptism

Baptismal Sunday Liturgy welcomes Amelia Davis into the Church - 06/14/15

Little Amelia, who set a high bar for peaceful, serene infant baptisms, daughter of Leanne Davis, was received into the Church through Baptism and Chrismation during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, June 14; Anne Taylor, sponsor.

(10 images)

Special Moleben and Cookout for Pentecost

Mother Elizaveta hosts Moleben and Cookout - 05/31/15

To worthily celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, Mother Elizaveta and her sister Chynara and their children Carolina and Aziz hosted a special Moleben service and cookout in honor of The Holy Trinity, the Theotokos and all the Saints. A Joyous Feast!

(9 images)

Received into the Church...

Laura and her sponsor, Erin Lockridge

Recent Chrismations at Christ the Savior - 05/24/15

Laura Menze (May 24) and Melissa Munaco (June 7) were recently received into full communion of the Orthodox Church through the sacraments of Confession, Chrismation and Communion. The Reception by Chrismation occurred during the Little Entrance of the Sunday Divine Liturgy, and so in both cases were truly festal events in the life of the Church, witnessed and joined in by the entire parish community. We wish Laura, Melissa, and their sponsors and families "Many Years!"

(9 images)

Laura and her sponsor, Erin Lockridge
Melissa Munaco...
Welcome New Members!



Be sure to introduce yourselves

and get acquainted at coffee hour!



Pascha Night - Videos

Updated April 15, 2015



Enjoy viewing these videos taken at the Pascha Service at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit!


Nocturns - Ode Nine Katavasia of the Canon, 'Do Not Lament Me, O Mother... For I Shall Arise!'


Nocturns - Final Blessing before the Paschal Procession Begins:


Paschal Procession, Part 1 - 'Come Ye Take Light...'


Paschal Procession to Front of Church, Proclamation of the Resurrection, First Singing of 'Christ is Risen!' and 'Let God Arise':


Matins - The Paschal Canon, Ode 1:


Matins - The Paschal Canon, Ode 4:


Liturgy -  Joseph Kormos reads the Epistle:


Liturgy - Fr. Steven reads the Holy Gospel according to St John in different languages:



 Scroll down for photos and videos from past Holy Weeks and Paschas at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit...


Holy Week - Pascha Slide Show

Holy Week & Pascha, 2015 - 04/12/15

Highlights covering Palm Sunday, Bridegroom Matins, Great and Holy Friday Evening (Matins of Holy Saturday, Lamentations w/Procession), and Agape Vespers on Pascha.

(28 images)

Palm Sunday 2015

Palm Sunday and Bridegroom Matins marks beginning of Holy Week - 04/05/15

The Great Feast of Palm Sunday, preceded by the Raising of Lazarus, was celebrated with a full church and waving palms and pussywillows... The evening of Pam Sunday saw our first celebration of the Bridegroom Matins, as Fr Steven processed through the church with the Nymphios icon.

(11 images)

Christ the Savior welcomes Bishop Paul of the Midwest

His Grace during the Saturday Q&A after Vespers

Our new Bishop joined us for the weekend of March 28-29 - 03/28/15

Strong parish turnout and a shining church greeted His Grace, Bishop Paul of Chicago and the Midwest for his first visit to Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit. On Saturday, His Grace enjoyed lunch with the Parish Council, before presiding at Saturday evening Great Vespers. After Vespers, Bishop Paul shared with us a little about himself and conducted a Q&A session with parishioners.

On Sunday, His Grace was greeted by Parish Council President Ellyn Gillette with the traditional gift of bread and salt, and Fausta and Fiona Fenner bearing flowers on behalf of the parish youth.

At the beginning of the Divine Liturgy, His Grace tonsured Paul Gansle, Johnothon Sauer, and Stephen Wendland as Readers, the first stage of ordination in the Orthodox Church. Paul, Johnothon and Stephen are enrolled in the OCA Diaconal Program.

After Liturgy, a wonderful lenten meal was enjoyed by all.

We thank His Grace for his archpastoral visit, and hope he returns soon and as frequently as his busy schedule allows!

Eis Polla Eti Despota!

(30 images)

His Grace during the Saturday Q&A after Vespers
Preparing to greet the Bishop
Vladyka bless!
Preparing to begin the Divine Liturgy
Tonsuring the Three Readers
Stephen Wendland
Johnothon Sauer
Paul Gansle
First Epistle readings as tonsured Readers...
receiving their vestments...
The Great Entrance
Lenten meal with Bishop Paul
Fr. Steven and Bishop Paul
Parish Cleanup Day!

Parish Cleanup sees Great Turnout, Shining Church - 03/21/15

Approximately 27 adults and a dozen youth joined forces to dust, vacuum, polish, sweep, mop, swiffer, shine, clean, replace light bulbs and flourescent tubes indoors, as well as rake, clean, plant and pickup the grounds. We wish we had more pictures, but everyone was pretty busy, and there was little time for these, let alone a staged group shot. Thank you one and all for helping get the church, hall and grounds ready for Bishop Paul's visit March 28-29, as well as for Holy Week and Pascha.

(7 images)

Bus-Stop Evangelism by CTS Members!

March 8, 2015

Here is an example of local Orthodox evangelism being carried out by our parishioners, Jacob & Adalia Boehne.  Please keep their ministry in your prayers.   — Fr. Steven


From Jacob Boehne:

This afternoon Adalia and I set up the evangelism table at the bus stop. If was another great day! People are responding well, engaging in prayer/conversation and taking the Bibles/ pamphlets. I am attaching a photo of the table so you can visualize what I am doing.  


In Christ,




Fr Steven Celebrates 25 Years at Christ the Savior!

Special Event Marks 25th Anniversary of our beloved priest and Father-Confessor - 07/06/14

On July 6, 2014,  the parish sponsored a wonderful meal in the church hall to celebrate the 25 years that Father Steven and Presvytera Deborah have served at Christ the Savior - Holy Spirit Orthodox Church.  The exact dates are July 1, 1989- July 1, 2014.......a quarter of a century!

(7 images)

Summer Activities Workshops

SRO Crowd!

Summer Activities Workshops, June 2014 - 06/25/14

This two week extravaganza of crafts and games culminated in a parish-wide celebration on July 25. Fr Steven wrote to the parish:

"We enjoyed a wonderful evening on Wednesday as we brought our Summer Activities Workshop to a close. From the oldest adult to the youngest child, we had just about 50 participants for our finale. We were treated to chess and table tennis tournaments; a display of newly-painted pysanki eggs, together with new crocheted items; and an exhibition of some excellent folk dances from the Russian, Greek and Macedonian traditions together with some refreshments. We would like to thank our activity leaders and the high quality of teaching and guidance that they brought to their respective activity. Certainly something that we will consider planning for in the future."

More photos added July 19, 2014!

(8 images)

SRO Crowd!
Your move!
No kibbitzing, please!
Crochet classes...
The Chess Tourney!
Pysanky Eggs!
Fr Steven inspects the Artisans
Crochet Masterworks!
Church School IOCC Service Project

Church School IOCC Service Project - 05/18/14

This was the final church school service project for the 2013-2014 year.  The students assembled 144 Health Kits for the IOCC Humanitarian Relief project.  This was also our last day for church school. See you in the Fall!

(25 images)

2014 Bright Friday Outing

Annual Bright Friday Party - 04/25/14

Christ is Risen!

Almost four dozen youth and twenty or so parents and adults enjoyed a wholesome time of swimming, rock-wall climbing and games to mark the end of Bright Week.

(37 images)

2014 Church School Lenten Service Project

Church Schoolers make Sack Lunches for Norwood needy - 03/08/14

(9 images)

St Basil, Vasilopita Party 2014

Church School Vasilopita Event - 01/05/14

Commemorating St Basil the Great...

(7 images)

Altar Servers & Church School, 2013

Altar Servers & Church School Classes, 2013 - 12/15/13

Group photos of our Altar Servers, and of our Church School classes and our wonderful Teachers. 'Many Years' Everyone!

(7 images)